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Nick Ellison is a technology consultant, Rails / iOS developer, lifehacker and mischiefmaker twenty-something from London, UK.


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MEng Systems Engineering, University of Warwick
Graduate of the Year Awards 2009

Things I do

Parachutes packed. Apps built. Talks given. Tyres changed. Code written. VoIP PBX systems installed. Vans driven. Parties thrown. Locks picked. Yachts sailed. Watches mended. Road trips planned. iPhones fixed. Gardens cleared. Lighting designed. Cocktails made. Chinos modelled. Cables run. Events organised. Data analysed. Copy written. CAD drawn. Training provided. Servers migrated. Sound mixed. People found. Tours given. Projects managed. Voiceovers recorded. APIs interfaced.

Why the crown?

I’m a poor artist. It’s easier to latch onto a theme, in this case: Keep Calm and Carry On – a trait I try to embody.

Nick Ellison


Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Cucumber, Xcode / Objective C, PHP5, Drupal, SilverStripe, WordPress, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, MySQL, SQL Server, Debian / Unix, Apache, Git, Python, C++, VB.NET and when all else fails: Gaffer Tape.

Discuss a Project

I’m always keen to hear from new people about the projects they’re involved in, especially early stage startups. If you feel I can be of any assistance then don’t hesitate to get in touch via any of the means on the right.

If confidentiality is paramount, then I provide a Unilateral Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for peace of mind.

That said, in my experience it’s best to tell everyone about your idea - if it can be easily copied then it probably needs more work.

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June 11, 2013

So I’ve despite its lack of official release I have been using iOS7 for 24 hours now, via the developers beta. (If you’re interested in joining then it’s a $99 per year investment, but worth its meta weight in gold for the opportunity it gives you to learn iOS app development. Alternately you can cop […]... read more
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Purr Digital is a London-based digital marketing, creative and development agency, where I’m a cofounder and head of all things tech. I work with a lovely team of people and we scale up and down to meet some fairly diverse project requirements. If you’d like to benefit from Purr’s services then drop me a line at read more
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